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Learn essential skills and uncover valuable pieces of information to help you navigate the best deal possible. Adapted from the hostage negotiation world, what you’ll learn you can’t get anywhere else. Clients on average are 20% more effective in their negotiations after our training.

What does 20% more revenue look like for your business?

Whether it’s managing a new project or client relationship or improving sales closings, you learn skills that transcend culture by focusing on human nature and a unique fit within your environment.

Training gets participants involved and keeps them interested with the use of videos, case studies, role-playing, and guided discussion. Trainers use a mix of compelling hostage negotiation, business, and personal stories to reinforce learning points.

Learn how The Black Swan Group Corporate Training Process works:

Corporate Training Process


Explore our live negotiation training process uniquely designed for businesses. 

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Fit & Needs Assessment


During this 30-minute call, you’ll speak with a member of our team to assess your team’s negotiation needs. At the end of this call, you’ll have more insight into who we are, how we can help and if we're the right fit based on your team’s needs, availability, and budget.
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Session Blueprint


During this 30-minute session, an instructor will review the recommended training. Together we’ll take a deep dive into more specific scenarios and challenges of your team to ensure that we include those in our training. This call focuses on ensuring that our instructors focus not just on the skills your people need, but can also speak their language and prepare them to use the skills in their world.
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Learner Preparation


We invite all stakeholders and training attendees to join us for a 1-hour call, held 2-4 weeks before the training date. This gives your team the opportunity to meet the instructors and for attendees to share more specific challenges they are faced with. This call is meant to get attendees in the right mindset for the upcoming training.

After this call, we’ll follow-up via email with any suggested adjustments to the curriculum.
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Training Session


This is the big event you’ve been waiting for! We join your team in-person or virtually to deliver the training sessions that have been so thoughtfully crafted to meet your needs.
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Ready to schedule your Fit & Needs Assessment? Have questions about training, speaking engagements or coaching? Fill out the form and a team member will contact you.

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