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Guide: Three Negotiator Types

Learn these personality types to successfully negotiate with anyone.

The Golden Rule Is Wrong!

Success depends on treating people how they want to be treated.  

If you negotiate using the Golden Rule "treat others as you want to be treated" misunderstandings are inevitable. You're assuming your counterpart values the same things you do. They don't! 

Live and negotiate by the Black Swan Rule: Treat people how they want to be treated.

3 negotiator types coverThere are 3 distinct negotiator personality types. From the way they prepare to the way they engage in the negotiation process. Before being able to negotiate successfully, you first must recognize distinguishing traits about yourself in order to get a better handle on your counterpart's approach. 

In this PDF, you'll learn:

  • what your counterpart's #1 goal in negotiation is
  • what the 3 different negotiator types are
  • how each type views and manages relationships
  • the best negotiation skills to use with each type to gain success

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