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We Teach Tactical Empathy®

Many people assume they need to compromise in negotiation. In reality, successful negotiations are the result of actively listening with Tactical Empathy®. Enroll in one of our training programs to improve your negotiation skills.

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Our Ethos

Negotiation Experts

With decades of experience in the world of high-stakes negotiations, The Black Swan Group uses techniques to transform your professional and personal life. 

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What Sets Us Apart

The Black Swan Difference

People assume that natural human responses are impossible to predict. However, with the right tools in hand, you’ll learn that people behave in patterns—and those patterns are entirely predictable. We know how humans are wired from our experience in the field, and we’re here to help you master the art of negotiation with proven principles.


What Makes The Black Swan Group Unique

Tested, Proven, and Delivered Worldwide

We teach our techniques to audiences across the globe. Our hostage negotiators have a 93 percent success rate. We are committed to helping you become the next great success story.

Find out what sets The Black Swan Group apart.

Harness the Power of Tactical Empathy®

Better listening. Better questions. Better outcomes.

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