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Negotiation Capacity Checkup

Download this assessment to learn your organization’s negotiation capacity.

Is your team ready for their next negotiation?

Use our Negotiation Capacity Checkup to assess how prepared you and your team are for the next time you walk into a negotiation.

Do you consider yourself an expert negotiator? Does your team have all the tools and skills they need to navigate a negotiation successfully?

Take our Negotiation Capacity Checkup and learn how prepared you truly are. You might be surprised to learn where you or your team might be lacking and where they excel.

The assessment asks 10 yes-or-no questions. Based on you and your team's responses, you can determine how confident you should be the next time you sit down at the table to negotiate an agreement.

Examples of criteria determined include:

  • We have a plan to prevent the loss of our negotiation training investment.
  • We never give in to clients' demands just to save the relationship.
  • We have a process to vet out false opportunities.

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