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How Can Sales Negotiation Training Help My Team?

By |August 16, 2021

No matter how effective your sales team is, it can always improve.

If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worthwhile to invest in sales negotiation training, keep reading to learn four of the top  reasons you may or may not decide to  bite the bullet and set aside the resources needed to get your team to the next level.

How Can Sales Negotiation Training Help My Team?

1. Turning Salespeople into Trusted Advisors 

Nearly every entity that offers sales negotiation training recommends signing up for classes because of the direct impact they will have on your bottom line.

That’s not necessarily the right way to sell it. 

From my perspective, sales negotiation training is all about transforming each salesperson’s communication methods so that prospects see them as a trusted advisor—rather than someone who is trying to take money out of their wallet.

When you sign up for Black Swan’s sales negotiation training, you will learn our process of Tactical Empathy™, and you will find out just how drastically good communication can improve every single aspect of your life and more importantly internal and external business efforts.  No one needs poor execution due to a communication breakdown.

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2. Enabling Salespeople to Communicate More Effectively

When it comes down to it, good sales methods are really about good communication. The more effective of a communicator you are, the more likely your counterparts will view you as somebody that they would love to work with. That’s a big deal, because we all know people have a tendency do business with those  they like.

At the same time, when your sales professionals have great communication skills, they’re able to excel in your organization. After all, you can’t promote your best salesperson if they’re awful to be around and are constantly berating their peers.

Black Swan’s sales negotiation training is all about teaching you and your team the skills needed to develop Tactical Empathy and improve communicative capabilities. This has ripple effects across the entire organization. Not only does your sales team learn how to better sell to prospects and clients, but they also learn how to communicate more effectively with each other. 

3. Keeping Your Top Salespeople Longer

According to the Harvard Business Review, the average sales team turns over 27 percent of its employees each year—which is twice as high as the overall labor force. On top of that, the average salesperson’s tenure is just two years.

Some estimates say it can cost as much as 200 percent of an employee’s salary to replace them, so sales leaders would be wise to do everything they can to encourage everyone on the team—and top performers in particular—to stick around for as long as possible.

Sales negotiation training can help here too—especially because many workers today expect jobs to offer professional development opportunities. When you fail to meet these expectations, don’t be surprised if your turnover rates increase.

4. Improving Your Work Environment

When you become a good communicator, you outgrow the belief that you’re the smartest person in the room and need to educate everyone you meet. 

When you master Tactical Empathy, you become a better human and reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, achieving self-actualization. At this point, you let go of your arrogance and redirect your focus outward.

By investing in sales negotiation training, you end up with a team full of people with this exact mindset. In turn, enabling you to cultivate a cohesive team and an engaging, supportive work environment. When everyone is trying to help everyone else improve, strong bonds are formed—helping you with that turnover problem we mentioned above.

It’s Time to Invest in Sales Negotiation Training

If you’re interested in helping your sales team reach its full potential, take a look at the different sales negotiation courses we offer here at Black Swan.

In the meantime, continue learning how to develop stronger sales teams by checking out our free e-book, Five Ways Your Sales Team Is Killing Deals.

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