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All Experts Nick Peluso
A photo of Nick Peluso.

Nick Peluso

Director of Business Development


Nick Peluso, Lead Instructor at Black Swan, focuses on corporate training and coaching professionals across a wide range of industries. With his extensive experience in business development and team management, Nick brings valuable insights and strategies to help clients determine the best training approaches for their teams. In addition to his work with external clients, Nick serves as Black Swan's lead sales coach, guiding the company's business development team to success. He is also a key member of the product development team, contributing to the creation and refinement of Black Swan's training offerings. Nick joined Black Swan in March 2021 as a Business Development Representative and quickly demonstrated his leadership abilities, earning a promotion to Director of Business Development in May 2022. In this role, he focused on managing the business development team, creating systems for growth, and helping clients identify optimal training strategies.

 With his diverse background and dedication to helping professionals and teams reach their full potential, Nick is a valuable asset to both the Black Swan Group and the clients he serves.

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