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Jorge Gayle

Instructor and Coach


Jorge Gayle is an Instructor and Coach who joined The Black Swan Group in February 2023. He brings over twenty years of experience in supply chain management, process and software development, Real Estate, and Aircraft Technical Operations. 

Jorge spent two decades working for JetBlue Airways, beginning his career by serving as part of their founding team and transitioning to a number of positions over the years. With the help of the Black Swan negotiation methods, Jorge and his team successfully saved millions of dollars across the organization and built better long-term relationships with their business partners. 

In 2020 he finally retired from JetBlue as the head of procurement, where he managed over a billion dollars in spending and contract negotiations across a variety of services. Less than a year later, Jorge published his book From JetWho to JetBlue, outlining the culture and values that his team helped establish and made the airline ultimately successful. 

Following his career at the airline, Jorge founded Jorge Gayle International in 2018, a coaching company designed to teach families and entrepreneurs how to successfully navigate Real Estate and business endeavors. His company utilizes the Black Swan negotiation techniques to empower families and entrepreneurs in negotiations, investments, establishing credit, and building lasting relationships.

Outside of his business, Jorge is passionate about spending time with his wife and children. He is an avid reader and loves to give back to his community, whether through ministry activities or volunteering to teach financial principles to young adults through seminars, radio programs, and lectures. When he isn’t working, Jorge loves traveling, meeting people, and learning about local cultures. Currently, Jorge is in the process of writing his next book.

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