Chris Voss Speaking

Chris Voss

Chris is a dynamic speaker who debunks the biggest myths of negotiation. Chris engages all groups with captivating stories, insights, useful tips for business and everyday life, and interactive audience participation. Chris has lectured on negotiation at business schools across the country and has been seen on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, and Forbes. Chris’s Keynotes are based on his book Never Split The Difference©.

Topics Include

  • Negotiation Secrets from an FBI Hostage Negotiator
  • Why Yes is the Last Thing You Want to Hear
  • Two Words That Immediately Transform Any Negotiation
  • Guaranteeing Execution: How to Ensure Follow Through

"After the lecture, the audience left feeling empowered and inspired but clearly wanted more. Chris was enthusiastic and gracious about personally connecting with as many new fans as possible."

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Derek Gaunt

Derek Gaunt

Author of Ego, Authority, Failure©: Using Emotional Intelligence Like a Hostage Negotiator to Succeed as A Leader, Derek shares his experience and advice to leaders of all levels. Enthralling and educational, his keynotes and presentations are sure to wow any audience.

Topics Include

  • Achieving Goals and Objectives Using Tactical Empathy
  • Navigating Dangerous Conversations
  • Communication Skills for Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Secrets from a Hostage Negotiator

"Derek makes a powerful case for the role of tactical empathy as a negotiating tool. Leading with the mantra, "it’s not about you," Derek uses illustrations from his career as a hostage negotiator and translates them to the experience of everyday negotiations. Through storytelling and humor, Derek kept the rapt attention of our partners."

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