Negotiate Virtually with Success

Virtual negotiations have become a staple of business today. Most people haven't tailored their strategy to navigate the challenges and advantages of negotiating in this new way. 

Join Chris Voss and Brandon Voss for this  3-session course (90-minutes each session) that will help you get the results you need in virtual negotiations.

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Session 1

Zoom and other video-meeting software have become the forefront of how negotiations being handled. In this session, we'll talk about how to properly prepare for a video negotiation, what to watch out for and tactics to use. 

Session 2

With teams working remotely, email negotiations aren't just with clients and prospects, it's a prominent method of internal communication. We'll layout which tactical empathy skills are best to use in email and which to avoid. You'll learn the biggest mistake people are making when emailing, laying out all their moves at once, and what to do instead. 

Session 3

Effective implementation is really what makes or breaks a deal. Learn how to ensure the implementation goes as planned and how to best address your counterpart virtually when things have gotten off-track. 




How is the course administered? 

Each session is conducted live online using  Zoom. You'll receive information on how to access the course a week prior to the course.


What happens if I miss a session? 

Please plan accordingly if you miss one or more sessions you are still provided the recordings and refunds will not be issued.  


How long do I have to watch the recordings?

Once the recordings are sent to you, you have 21-days to watch them. They are not downloadable.  After all the sessions are completed all the recordings will be sent again. You will have another 21-days to watch them. 

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Class Dates

1:00pm ET - 2:30pm ET

  • Mondays,  July 19th
  • Mondays,  July 26th 
  • Mondays,  August 2nd 


" I recommend the Black Swan Method online training for anyone wanting exceptional business outcomes through an improved communication style."