Training That Leads to Results

Learn essential skills that uncover valuable pieces of information to help navigate you to the best deal possible. Adapted from the hostage negotiation world, what you’ll learn you can’t get anywhere else. Clients on average are 20% more effective in their negotiations after our training. What does 20% more revenue look like for your business?

Whether it’s managing new project or client relationship, improving sales closings, you learn skills that transcend culture by focusing on human nature and fit within your environment.

Training gets participants involved and keeps them interested with the use of videos, case studies, role playing, and guided discussion. Trainers use a mix of compelling hostage negotiation, business, and personal stories to reinforce learning points.

Explore our Live Negotiation Training Programs:

Effectively Influencing Others

How to Negotiate with People Not Like You – 3 hr training

In order to effectively influence others, you first have to understand them. This discussion based training, adapted from the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, identifies the 3 specific negotiator types and what skills are most effective on each.

Learning Takeaways:
  • What drives each of the 3 negotiator types
  • An understanding of your negotiator type and how your counterpart views you
  • How to identify your counterpart’s negotiator type
  • Specific skills and communication techniques to influence your counterpart based on their negotiator type

Never Split The Difference Power Day

Preparing for Negotiation Success –  1 day training

When the pressure is on, you will not rise to the occasion, you will fall to your highest level of preparation. Learn the Black Swan method of strategic preparation and negotiation skills that work best to influence different types of negotiator.

Learning Takeaways:
  • Specific and strategic process for preparation that increases your chances for success
  • Gathering vital information from your counterpart to optimize your deal outcome
  • Identify your counterpart’s negotiator type and influence them effectively
  • Building a relationship within the negotiation

Never Split The Difference Master Class

Field Tested Tools for Talking Anyone Into (or Out of) Anything – 2 day training

Based on Chris Voss’s book, this training takes you through every steps of the negotiation process from preparation to closing and everything in between. This deep dive course is focused on delivering skills that will maximize each deals you make, communicate most effectively,  and maintain relationships.

Learning Takeaways:
  • Gathering vital information from your counterpart to optimize your deal outcome
  • Strategic preparation to increase your chances of negotiation success
  • Identify your counterpart’s negotiator type and influence them effectively
  • Building a relationship within the negotiation
  • Negotiating without bargaining and avoiding meet in the middle pricing
  • Saying “no” while maintaining a positive relationship for future business
  • Ensuring implementation and delivery on agreed upon terms

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