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3 Simple Yet Dangerously Effective Tips to Gain The Edge in Negotiations

By |July 11, 2016

“The most dangerous negotiation is the one you don’t know you’re in.”  

What does that mean and how can I use it? It means the truly dangerous negotiator starts by grabbing every edge he/she can get.

In this video, I cover 3 techniques you can use to gain an edge in your negotiations.

The 1st Edge - Voice

This may increase your ability by up to 31%.Voice has two parts:

  • “Smiling” -You want to start the negotiation process while the other side thinks you’re still exchanging pleasantries. Smiling allows you to begin the process by reaching into their brain and flipping a switch and there’s nothing they can do to stop you.  You may have to hit this switch 3 times, but you can just watch their face and see the mood change wash over them.  It also simultaneously makes you up to 31% sharper.
  • The Downward Inflection – or “The Late Night FM DJ Voice”.  This is rock solid.  I was giving a training once and a psychologist certified in hypnotherapy came up to me at the break and told me this was the first thing they had taught him in his hypnotherapy training.Imagine the implications?


The 2nd Edge - Mirroring

2 – “Mirroring”.  The first commodity you’re after in a negotiation is information. You want to accumulate as much of that commodity without “asking” for it because when you “ask” you often “owe”.  We only want to incur debts when it’s our advantage to do so.  Keep your debts low and your profits high. Using mirroring you can actually significantly raid their storehouse without them ever knowing it 

Mirroring is also a great tool to test the firmness of their positions without them knowing that’s what you’ve done.


The 3rd Edge – The “F” Word

3 – The “F” Word – “Fair”.  If you’re not wise to this one, then you are getting it used against you every day.  Everyone from your kids (“Mom!  That’s not fair!”) to the NFL Owners (“We’ve given the players a fair offer.”) use it.  Learn more about how the F-word is used against you and how you can use it properly here.

Keeping Your Edge Sharp

The video above is a great refresher video for simple strategies and tactics that support your much larger game.  A 6-minute review at any point before an important negotiation will likely save you hours.

Make it rain!

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