The Black Swan Group has trademark rights in each of the terms below, as well as in our logo. Also, each of the terms below have a specific meaning within The Black Swan negotiation methodology and must be used appropriately.


Accusation Audit®                                         

Asking Labels™                                         

Black Swan Group                                          

Calibrated Questions™                                 


Dynamic Silence™                                     

Ego Authority Failure™                                 


Laws of Negotiation Gravity™                       


Negotiation 9®/ N9™                               

Never Split the Difference

No Oriented Questions™

Proof of Life (POL)™                                       

Proof of Life of the Deal™                           

Quick 2+1                                                        

Rules of Negotiation™                                   


Tactical Curiosity™                                               

Tactical Empathy®                                    

"That's Right"                                              

The 7 Deadly Sins of Negotiation™             

The Black Swan Method®                          

Thought-Shaping Questions