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level Level 4
date Dates: October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, + 30th
time Time: 2-4PM EST

Advanced Tools for Tactical Empathy


About the Class

In this advanced course, you'll learn tools to help accelerate the negotiation process, get the answers you need, beat bargaining, and negotiate with effectiveness in a variety of scenarios. You'll be able to identify negotiator types and tailor your communication approach based on them, as well as the most effective way to negotiate in a team. 

This course helps you take your negotiations to the next level by building on what you've already learned. 







Level of Interaction


Course Outline

  • Session 1: The Black Swan Method: The Negotiation 9
  • Session 2: Proof of Life and Asking Questions
  • Session 3: Preparation and Team Negotiations 
  • Session 4: Negotiation Personality Types
  • Session 5: Bargaining

The Instructors

Derek Gaunt-1

Derek Gaunt

Instructor, Expert Coach & Author

With 29 years of experience, Derek has commanded and trained police department hostage negotiation teams. An expert trainer and coach, Derek has trained across the US and around the world. He is the author of Ego Authority Failure written for Leaders.

More About Derek→

Troy Smith

Troy Smith

Negotiation Instructor and Coach

Troy is a retired San Antonio Police Department officer who spent 23 years with the department, including 22 years in specialized units—such as the SWAT/Crisis Negotiators team and the U.S. Marshals’ Fugitive Task Force.

More About Troy→

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course administered?

Each session is conducted live online using Zoom. You'll receive the link to access the course a week before the course starts. We’ll also send reminders the day before and day of your session. 

What are the technology requirements?

For the best experience, the live online sessions should be accessed via a computer/laptop. Please make sure your web browser is up to date. 

This course is highly interactive and you’ll need to enable your microphone and camera as well to participate in exercises and case studies.

How are the sessions structured?

Each 2-hour session is designed for you to learn, practice new skills, and receive feedback. This is done through limited lecture time and the use of video, group discussion, activities, and the negotiation of case studies followed by extensive debrief.

What happens if I miss a session?

Each session is recorded and the recording is sent to you for review. Refunds will not be issued for missed sessions.  Please plan accordingly and make sure you have the sessions on your calendar. 

How long do I have to access the recording?

All recordings are viewable for 21-days after each session. They are not downloadable. Recordings are sent within 24 hours after the session ends.

Is there work to be completed outside of the course?

Yes. Each week you'll be given a specific assignment on how to use what you learned in the course in your life. At the end of the course, we want you to have mastered the skills covered, not just have a theoretical understanding of how they work.  The only way to master the skills is by using them in the real world. 

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