Learn Skills to Accelerate Your Negotiations

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In this advanced course, you'll learn tools to help accelerate the negotiation process, get the answers you need, beat bargaining, and negotiate with effectiveness in a variety of scenarios. You'll be able to identify negotiator types and tailor your communication approach based on them, as well as the most effective way to negotiate in a team. 

This course helps you take your negotiations to the next level by building on what you've already learned. 

Course Outline:

  • Session 1: The Black Swan Method: The Negotiation 9
  • Session 2: Proof of Life and Asking Questions
  • Session 3: Preparation and Team Negotiations 
  • Session 4: Negotiation Personality Types
  • Session 5: Bargaining



How is the course administered? 

Each session is conducted live online using Zoom.


What happens if I miss a session? 

Each session is recorded. Life happens; if you miss a session, or have to cut out early, you'll be able to watch the recording once it's processed. 

Recordings are available for 21-days and not downloadable


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  • Derek Gaunt
  • Sandy Hein


Tuesdays at 10am -12pm ET

  • May 18th
  • May 25th
  • Wednesday, June 2nd at Noon ET
  • June 8th
  • June 15th

Important Details

  • Knowledge Level #4
  • Prerequisites: N9 and Applying Tactical Empathy with Success
  • Level of Interaction: High


"With the right negotiation skills in place, you’ll enjoy more favorable business outcomes."