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Announcing Never Split the Difference & How You Can Help

By |March 07, 2016


As you know, if you are receiving our newsletter, May 17th is the publication date for “Never Split The Difference - Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It".  This is an exciting time for The Black Swan Group and everyone who is a part of The Black Swan Family!

People everywhere are making it rain!

People are changing their lives with the negotiation approaches contained in this book.  They make good deals for themselves and the people they interact with want to continue to make more deals with them.  Their negotiations have transitioned into a great collaborative interactions that made everyone better off.  The process wasn’t painful.  Even if they didn’t make a deal, they actually liked the person they dealt with more when it was all said and done, (which set them up for future deals).

We want this book to impact as many negotiations as possible, so we are asking for your help.  

What are your best ideas to help us get the word out?  Who is your favorite podcast, radio show you listen to, business publication you read, or whatever source you find great information you want to use in your life?

Is it too much to ask for you to include a point of contact who would love to make this book a topic of their discussion?

Help us make this book a success!  Help us make it rain!