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Live Online
level Level 2
date November 14
time 1 PM EST

Managing Conversations with Procurement & Other Deal Killers


About the Class

One of The Black Swan Group’s Laws of Negotiation Gravity™ is:  There is always a team on the other side. Among that team is someone as important as the deal maker: the deal killer. Why is the deal killer just as important? The Black Swan Group came across some information indicating that 50 percent of a major telecommunications carrier’s signed deals were never implemented. 

Join Derek Gaunt and co-instructor Sandy Hein  in this advanced course, to be equipped with the necessary tools in order to

  • Unveil the deal killer
  • Ultimately limit adversarial interactions present in the negotiation.

This (1) 90-minute course includes a 15-minute formal Q & A!




November 14



Level of Interaction


About the Instructors

Derek Gaunt-1

Derek Gaunt

Instructor, Expert Coach & Author

With 29 years of experience, Derek has commanded and trained police department hostage negotiation teams. An expert trainer and coach, Derek has trained across the US and around the world. He is the author of Ego Authority Failure written for Leaders.

More About Derek→

Sandy Hein

Sandy Hein

Negotiation Instructor and Coach

Sandy Hein is a Negotiation Instructor and Coach at The Black Swan Group who has been with the company since December 2011 and transitioned to a full-time role in July 2020. Sandy began her career as a police officer in Alexandria, Virginia, and wore many hats during her 23-year stint there, including 10 years as a hostage negotiator.

More About Sandy→

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course administered?

This session is conducted live online using Zoom. You'll receive the link to access the course a week before the course starts. We’ll also send reminders the day before and the day of the session. 

What are the technology requirements?

For the best experience, the live online session should be accessed via a computer/laptop. Please make sure your web browser is up to date. 

What happens if I miss a session?

This session is recorded and the recording is sent to you for review. Refunds will not be issued for missing the session.  Please plan accordingly and make sure you have the session on your calendar. 

How long do I have to access the recording?

The recording is viewable for 21-days after. It will not be downloadable. The recording will be sent within 24 hours after the session ends.

Managing Conversations with Procurement and Other Deal Killers

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