Coaching for Success

Because of our broad range of global contacts, experience, political and other connections as well as a lifetime of successful negotiating experience, we have developed an instinct and a precise science of rules and procedures that can be customized to your unique situation. Our integrated approach allows for development of a successful, comprehensive strategic plan to achieve your desired results.

We will set up a negotiation war room in a “High Stakes” negotiation, integrate your implementation team, and turn your leaders into a team that negotiates better deals and contracts.

Let us assist, direct, and help you navigate:

  • High Consequence Deals
  • Corporate Takeovers
  • Labor Relations
  • High Security Situations
  • Retaining and/or Procurement of Strategic Talent
  • Negotiations in International Political Environments
  • Natural Resource Geopolitical Negotiations

Master the situation as Black Swan helps you with:

  • Difficult personalities and deadlocks
  • Risk assessment
  • Effective communication tools and techniques
  • Getting leverage by gathering critical information
  • Achieving long term lasting commitments
  • Managing multiple stakeholders

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