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Why Negotiation Training is the Best Investment for 2021

By |March 08, 2021

These days, people aren’t going to conferences and in-person events anymore, and it appears as though that will remain the case for the foreseeable future. 

Regardless, employees increasingly expect their jobs to invest in professional development opportunities on their behalf. At the same time, businesses are always trying to improve their results.

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As you move deeper into 2021 and start thinking about how to allocate your professional development budget, investing in practical training that can improve business outcomes is a no-brainer. 

Here are three reasons why negotiation training is the best investment for 2021 and beyond.

1. The Best Always Want to Get Better

If your goal is improving your life, making more money, and helping your team create better outcomes, when wouldn’t it make sense to invest in negotiation training?

The strongest members on your team see the writing on the wall. The pandemic changed our world, and the best and brightest understand that they need to continue to sharpen their blades to try and get better to thrive in our new normal.

An easy way to do that is by mastering human interaction, and this is exactly where negotiation training enters the equation.

2. Our Methods Are Proven

Look: I’m definitely biased. But I believe that investing in Black Swan’s negotiation training gives you the biggest bang for your buck. When it gets down to brass tacks, there is no other negotiation training company on the planet that provides what we provide. 

At a very basic level, we offer practical negotiation training that people across all industries and all roles can use to improve outcomes. One executive invested considerable time and money to get his sales, counsel, and managers trained in the Black Swan method.   After the first couple of coaching sessions, one salesperson was able to convert a 600k deal into a 900K deal.  This isn’t negotiation training that we came up with while sitting around the halls of academia thinking up ideas out of thin air. 

Instead, The Black Swan Method™ has been tested and proven in the highest of stakes conversations ... hostage negotiations. Whereas other companies might offer theoretical advice and tactics, our lessons are not based on manufactured scenarios. They’ve been battle-tested in the most challenging incidents  on the planet.

At its core, our methods teach the power of being deferential, being able to subordinate yourself, and having a mindset of being genuinely curious in every conversation. This combination of characteristics helps you establish a rapport that leads to trust-based influence—which ultimately leads to a change in behavior, a deal being struck, or an agreement being made.

3. There Are Many Options to Choose From

Black Swan has offered several different types of negotiation training opportunities over the years. In the wake of the pandemic, we’ve added even more options to the mix. 

So, no matter where you are in your journey of transforming into a cutthroat negotiator, we’ve got something for you.

Keep reading for a brief summary of our negotiation training courses.

Mastering Negotiation with Tactical Empathy™ 

This three-day live virtual interactive workshop teaches advanced Tactical Empathy skills and enables you to practice said skills in exercises. This course is ideal for folks who already have a working knowledge of negotiation skills and are looking to get to the next level. Learn more.

The Negotiation 9™

This introductory course explores the N9, our suite of skills designed to help you demonstrate Tactical Empathy, build rapport, and achieve trust-based influence. Learn more.

Applying Tactical Empathy with Success

When you’ve mastered the N9, take this eight-session virtual course to improve on your learnings and sharpen your skills further. Learn more.

Advanced Tools for Tactical Empathy

This advanced course teaches you how to accelerate the negotiation process, how to negotiate effectively in a variety of different scenarios, and how to identify what kind of negotiator you’re up against. Learn more.

Lead More Effectively

If you’re looking to become a better leader, this is the course for you. Learn about how to negotiate with subordinates, how to negotiate and manage up, and how to lead team negotiations. Learn more.

When Things Go Wrong

In the world of negotiation, tough conversations are part of the equation. This course explores how to deliver bad news, how to repair damaged business relationships, and how to deal with being attacked. Learn more.

Beat Traditional Bargaining

Enroll in this course to learn more about what to expect when a counterpart uses traditional bargaining on you, the Ackerman method for beating traditional bargaining, and how to make minimal offers and get your counterpart to bid against themselves. Learn more.

Fundamentals of Handling Difficult Negotiations

If you’re looking to prepare for difficult negotiation, this course might be perfect for you. Sign up to learn skills needed for confrontation, how to deal with attacks in negotiations, and how to build rapport without common ground. Learn more.

Never Split the Difference™: Beyond the Book

You read Never Split the Difference, and you’re looking to take your learning to the next level. This course provides the deeper dive you need to do exactly that. Learn more.

Real Estate Success with The Black Swan Method

If you’re looking to reach your full potential as a real estate agent, you might want to check out this course, which provides live monthly training sessions that teach you how to implement Tactical Empathy with clients. Learn more.

Real Estate Success with Never Split the Difference

Looking to learn at your own pace? This self-guided class for real estate agents teaches you how to apply the techniques from Never Split the Difference to your day-to-day work. Learn more.

Not sure where you are in your negotiation training journey? Check out our free Negotiation Capacity Checkup to learn how prepared your team is for your next negotiation—and why our training courses are a must for 2021!

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