Our Approach

Field-tested negotiation techniques for when compromise isn’t an option.

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Hostage negotiators can’t split the difference, saving only half of the hostages isn’t an option. We teach you skills that have saved lives and will save your deals.

Our approach provides specific, actionable skills for navigating the negotiation process. Based in emotional intelligence and human nature, these skills transcend culture, build trust, and uncover the other side’s value system. By identifying the ‘Black Swans’ in a negotiation, you can effectively influence the other side’s decision making.

Our simple yet counter-intuitive skills, take emotional intelligence and intuition to the next level, giving you the edge in any negotiation.

The Black Swan Difference

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. Changing years of existing behaviors is a challenge and can take time.
We’ve found that the best ways to increase retention is to:

Teach In Your World

Before training, we’ll discuss what your team’s challenges are and what skills they need to address those challenges. This enables our instructors to ensure that we focus not just on the skills your people need, but also on how the skills fit into their world.

Focus on Each Individual

We want every attendee to walk away having participated and had their questions answered. To make sure this happens we use a 2-man instructor team and have cap on the number of attendees per training. This means no one hides in the back or walks away not understanding how to implement skills.

Let Practice Make Perfect

The best way for adults to learn is by doing. Our training has a limited amount of didactic instruction. Attendees will spend more time using the skills, than sitting down hearing about them. We’ll make use of learning exercises and case studies.